Founder/Filmmaker/Acting & Directing Coach


I'm an award winning director, producer, screenwriter, and editor. But I started in the industry as an actor. For the last 13 years I have coached actors and directors at the Cinema Gym and even longer at UCLA extension.


When I was an actor I hated having to pay through the nose for over crowded weekly acting workouts taught by many instructors who did not also provide insight into performing for the camera. Many of my teachers where amazing. Some had lost their passion or were unwilling to  become mentors to their students outside of the  classroom.  I decided to establish my Cinema Gym idea on my own and to stay true to the key elements I wanted for my new workout. Affordable, Practical,  and Effective through the integration of film making technology and other filmmakers.  

That's how the Cinema Gym came to be.


My experience as a filmmaker and a veteran actor enabled me to create the most innovative, practical, and effective acting for camera workout in L.A.  I trained in all the important acting philosophies (Meisner, Adler, Strasberg, Alexander technique, etc) used by the  American Actor for the past 100 years.  Eventually I expanded my interests and studies to include filmmaking.  I have directed two award winning feature films, one web series (13 episodes), ten short films, and several cable commercials and industrial videos.

FEAR, LOVE, and AGORAPHOBIA is my latest feature film.

It was developed in the Cinema Gym and includes 20 Cinema Gym actors and directors working in front of and behind the camera.

Alex D’Lerma
Filmmaker/Acting & Directing Coach