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There is a popular myth that there is no significant difference between acting on stage and acting for camera. That's false. To quote Al Pacino..."There is a technique to film acting."  (see Pacino video link below)


The basic principals of acting remain the same. But the tools and techniques required are different. (see quotes from DeNiro & Pacino below)

Acting is like running a race. If you're a marathon runner you train differently than a sprinter. It's still basically running a race but there are important differences in technique and performance.


The stage and the camera also require different techniques and/or tools from actors.

Some people are able to adjust effortlessly from stage to screen. The vast majority do not and that's one of the reasons they fail. The Cinema Gym focuses solely on the craft of acting for camera. And directing actors for camera.

Pacino discusses film acting in this YouTube link

DeNiro discusses film acting on "Inside the Actor's Studio"

In an episode of Bravo's "Inside the Actor's Studio" DeNiro  is asked if he still uses the "effective memory" technique he learned when training at the actors studio as a young man. DeNiro echoed the same sentiment as Pacino in his Actor's studio interview. "acting for the movies. It's different. You have to come up with a different way of working for film. There's a system you create for the movies in addition to your original process/foundation for the stage." I'm paraphrasing DeNiro's comments but that's basically what he told the interviewer.


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